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LHMS Camp & Alumni Reunion - Session 4

Week 7 - Under the Sea

Let’s dive into ocean discovery!  Explore water, sea creatures, sand and more through crafts, games, and fun activities!

Week 8 - Dinosaurs

This week you’ll become paleontologists and go on a dinosaur hunt! You’ll dig for fossils. You’ll see just how the different dinosaurs, big and small, used their bodies to survive in a prehistoric world!

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LHMS Camp & Alumni Reunion: Session 3


July 11-22, 2016

What if the first impression children receive of their world is of land and ocean, mountains and deserts, forests and grasslands, wetlands and frozen poles rather than abstract, divisive, political boundaries? Children will begin to make connections and think more critically. We’ll study elements of the biomes: animals, air, energy, plants, soil and water.  We’ll visit our own biome, the Temperate Forest, on the playground of our camp where we’ll collect soil, leaves and seeds. But a Temperate Forest is not the only kind of biome…

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LHMS Camp & Alumni Reunion - Session 2

Week 3 - Lego Mania (begins June 27)

Using specialized LEGO® pieces such as gears, axles, and wheels, children will learn to construct a variety of models, as well as build creations of their own. We will also enjoy games and lego crafts to ensure plenty of LEGO® fun!  Everything is Awesome!!

Week 4 - Mad Scientists (begins July 5)

he children will become Junior Scientists and embark on a series of science adventures! They will learn about science through our interactive and hands-on science activities.  

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