Age 2 to 3 | The Acorn Room

The Acorn Room Program is designed to give each child a positive first school experience.  It enables the child to feel safe and relaxed in the classroom and aids him/her in forming strong bonds with teachers and friends. The program aids in developing confidence, independence and verbal skills. It is designed to help the child develop social and emotional footing. This gives him/her the opportunity to actively pursue his unfolding interests.

Their classroom quickly becomes a beloved and special place for them. The steady rhythm of coming to school helps create a positive attitude toward school. It also gives children a strong feeling of belonging to this community that they help create, and of where they are valued and respected members.   The Acorn Room curriculum lays the groundwork for The Oak Room.

Ages 3 to 6 | The Oak Room

The Oak Room Program is a mix-aged classroom where the children are exposed to multi-faceted experiences in a prepared environment. Children of different abilities and backgrounds interact and learn from each other in a non-competitive environment. They are given freedom of choice in a controlled environment.  This enables them to master a skill while satisfying their natural curiosity.  What giveschildren self-confidence is mastering an actual skills and learning useful information. Each child’s curriculum is individualized.  It allows them to learn at their own pace, building layer upon layer. Children are so proud after the mastered a skill, it ignites a love for learning and inner drive.  The areas of learning in the classroom are Language, Math, Practical Life (life skills), Sensorial (learning through our senses), Culture (Botany, Zoology and Geography) and Peace.  Children will also enjoy music, art enrichment, Spanish, yoga and gross motor movement.

Montessori curriculum is designed to develop a sense of order, moving from concrete to the abstract, unconscious to conscious, left to right - all in preparation for success in reading, math and life in today’s world.

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Ages 5 to 6 | Kindergarten

The children spend the morning in a well-prepared Montessori environment in a mixed-aged classroom.  They spend their afternoon deepening their understanding in all areas of learning.  As well as enjoy afternoon enrichment that include math, language, literature, science, geography, All About Me, Literature, Cooking and Peace. Please see other side for detailed description of afternoon enrichment programs

Kindergarten children hone their own abilities and develop confidence by teaching younger children new skills. When a child completes the Montessori program with the Kindergarten year, he or she emerges as a confident lifelong learner, eager and well-prepared to face new challenges.

We absolutely love this school and highly recommend the quality education that they provide. My favorites - holiday show, where the kids sing holiday songs, grace & courtesy soirée where the kids have a sit down meal served by parents where they get to practice their table manners, science Mondays and not to mention their awesome summer camp - which my kid still raves about!!
— Rohini

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