When looking for a preschool for our children, my husband and I knew we wanted a school that would become a second home for our children; a place that was warm and welcoming, a place with trusted and loving adults, and a place they could explore and practice life skills. Long Hill Montessori has proven to be all of that and so much more. Our oldest son spent one year in their kindergarten program and the leaps and bounds he made were amazing. He blossomed from a timid, but eager learner to a confident leader and is now having a successful year in the public school system. Our middle son started his preschool career in the (now called) Acorn Room last year and has moved on to the Oak Room with his mixed age peers. The Acorn Room set him up for success and laid the foundation for his learning and discovery this year. It was a great transition to “big kid” preschool while still paying close attention to his emotional needs as a toddler. Our youngest child is not a LHMS student (yet!), but will be as soon as she is old enough. Regardless, she is treated as part of this special community and greets the teachers with handshakes and hugs daily. We are so proud to be a part of this diverse student body and see the new owners and staff continuing to put all of our children as the top priority while establishing new traditions with their school.
I had [my son’s] parent/teacher conference this week and I could not have asked for a better report! He is reading above grade level (he’s where he should be by the end of the school year!). The teacher is highly impressed with his focus, manners, attention to detail, behavior, etc. She even sent a nice e-mail about him prior to the conference. I always credit you, Mrs. Fiona, and the Montessori philosophy for instilling all of this in him for three years. I will always be thankful for how well he thrived there and continues to thrive. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this way throughout his schooling.
My daughter happily attended LH Montessori for three years, with her final year being half day at LHMS and half day at Mary Kay [MacMillan School]. Great teachers and educational foundation that will serve her well.
Love LH MONTESSORI- At 2.5 yrs old my daughter was telling me she did aboriginal artwork

We loved Long Hill Montessori, but be warned... Your child will be so advanced in math and writing that Kindergarten and first grade at MKMM will set them back academically but help establish social connections with their future classmates. You have to decide which is more important for your child. An added bonus of Montessori is the fine motor skills and table manners taught every day. Wish public schools would model lunchtime after them.
We love LHMS! This school is special because it has recently changed to being owned and run by the teachers. The teachers truly care about the students as well as the parents, and the level of communication is excellent! We are now on our SECOND child attending LHMS!