Your children will experience us as a second home. 

They will unlock new passions for learning, and you will understand why families are such passionate supporters of this school.

We invite you to experience us first hand by Connecting with us or scheduling your personal tour. 


Just 70 Seconds

We get it. You're a busy parent with no time to spare. Read through the top things parents care about when considering LHMS.  


Activities, sensory experiences, language, math, culture, and extracurricular offerings provide children activities they find comfort in. 

Next Steps

A Montessori education is a big decision. We encourage you to move beyond digital by texting, calling, or scheduling a time to visit with us.

I can not say enough wonderful things about LHMS, the owners, teachers and parents. It has impacted so many aspects of my child’s learning and social skills. Even dinner time has become so much more consistent and enjoyable as my child now helps set the table, sits patiently while I serve dinner and then leads the family through a song about being thankful for what we have. We practice our grace and courtesy when ever we can now.
— Jennifer Muhlenbruch