Birthday Walk

The purpose of the birthday walk is to share a special event and honor the birthday child.

The child brings in a special birthday snack to share and a Birthday Timeline or set of pictures with information specific to the child written on the back of the photographs.  Timelines are broken down to: newborn, 1 year, 2 year, etc about what happened in the child’s life for each year that passes.

In the classroom, the children are invited to form a circle sitting on the floor.  The teacher will place a candle in the center of the circle and starting with the present month, place the month-cards in order like the spokes of a wheel, around the candle. The birthday child holds an earth/globe.

The teacher says: “This candle represents our sun, and the globe represents our earth. The sun is hot, so I’ll light the candle”. While the teacher and classmates sing, the child holds the globe and walks around the “sun” to signify the passage of each year.